Doug Bowser, president of Nintendo of America, shares this message for the company’s “big day” at E3 2021 and fans look for clues in code

The new Nintendo Direct for E3 2021, scheduled for this afternoon, is just hours away. Well, Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser knows this and he wanted to share it on Twitter.

In a message posted, he reminds us that today is Nintendo’s “big day” to build hype for the presentation. The accompanying image shows a Bowser T-shirt, sweatshirt and trainers next to the new blue Nintendo Switch Lite.

Some fans have been trying to look for coded messages in the photo, such as the word “New” in New York being near the Nintendo Switch Lite, and it seems that some people, in a fit of paranoia, believe it could be related to rumours of the new Nintendo Switch model. Others are left with the fact that the president looks like he won’t be wearing trousers on “the big day”, as the clothes he’s showing are supposed to be what he’ll be wearing to watch the Direct.

You can see it here: