Crazy new Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 theory claims Ganon could be playable

The Nintendo Direct on 15 June brought us a spectacular trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. And, unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for theories of all kinds to emerge.

One of them was that we would be able to control Zelda in the game. This is mainly due to the fact that the main character is always shown with her back turned and her hair is longer, although that doesn’t mean that this hair is Zelda’s. In fact, it’s most likely that it’s a Zelda’s hair. In fact, it’s most likely that once again only Link will be in control. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from sharing wild theories of all kinds.

One of them is the one we’re bringing you today. As reported by GamesRadar, Zelda fan and Kinda Funny writer Barrett Courtney has theorised that the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild will feature Gannon as the main character instead of Link, and that the game will detail his journey to becoming the villain fans know today.

Here are the details that have been shared:

  • He points to a scene of the player character falling through the air during last week’s E3 trailer, citing that the character’s face is not visible and his right arm appears to be corrupted in some way, possibly by the dark magic that transformed Ganon into the demon he is today.
  • Courtney goes on to state that “in this game we will learn of the fall of the man Ganondorf and save him from the evil that has ruled him for generations. And in doing so, we will break the cycle started by the Harbinger of Death”.
    The Herald of Death was the main antagonist of 2011’s The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which will receive an HD remaster on Nintendo Switch next month. Courtney says this is no accident, and believes it was chosen over more popular instalments (such as Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time and The Wind Waker) because director Hidemaro Fujibayashi wanted players to know the full backstory before the next Zelda game is released. He also points out that Nintendo hasn’t announced the full title of Breath of the Wild 2 because it might spoil the game’s story.
  • While Barrett Courtney’s theory about Breath of the Wild 2 is nothing more than fan speculation, it would certainly be interesting to play as Ganon during his days as a well-meaning hero who fell from grace, and the aspect of avoiding his turn to the dark side could open up the series to some new story possibilities in the future.
  • Obviously, this is simply a theory and there is no real indication that it will happen, so it has to be taken as such. To really know what the sequel to Breath of the Wild has in store, we’ll have to wait and see what Nintendo surprises us with between now and next year, which is when the long-awaited title is scheduled to be released.