Characters that fans consider to be major absences in Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush is coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of June to add more variety to its catalogue. From what we’ve heard so far about the game, it promises variety and hours of fun. However, fans have spoken out about something debatable: the roster of selectable characters.

And, as our colleagues at Screen Rant have compiled, there are some important absences in the character selection. Among these, the ones most mentioned by fans are the following:

  • Birdo. His appearance in previous Mario Golf and the recent Mario Tennis Aces, suggested that he would be in this title.
  • Diddy Kong. One of the biggest surprises for fans, as he is usually a recurring character in these sports games.
  • Professor Fesor. This eccentric character is asked for a first appearance in Mario games, and many fans think this would have been the best opportunity.
  • Shy Guy. Another missing classic who would fit in nicely with Super Rush, as well as having a colour scheme very much in keeping with the title’s options.
  • Toadette. It’s surprising that Toad isn’t here, and especially after his especially after his appearance in the last Mario Golf: World Tour on Nintendo 3DS.
  • Other mentions of classic Mario enemies like Bones, Koopa and Topo Monty. Especially after the addition of Placapum.

It is unknown whether Nintendo will eventually add characters after the fact, as it did with Mario Tennis Aces, but it is likely to have some of this list in mind.