Capcom previews the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise content in Monster Hunter Stories 2 with these words

Interesting details about Monster Hunter Stories 2 continue to trickle in. In this case, it’s a really interesting message for fans of the game who want to know what monsters are included in this game.

As we have been able to learn, the message shared by Capcom in a recent meeting with the Japanese magazine V Jump offers details on what criteria they are following regarding the selection of species for this release. It also previewed the arrival of Rise news in Monster Hunter Stories 2. It’s unknown if they’re referring to the arrival of Canye as a mount, which is scheduled for July 15, or something else.

Here are the statements:

Will all the monsters that appeared in previous games make an appearance? Also, tell us more about new monsters, for example if there will be any monsters from Rise.

A: I can’t tell you in detail which monsters will appear and how many, but we plan to introduce as many monsters as possible, except for some previous monsters. Many new monsters are from Double Cross and World, but unfortunately the monsters newly introduced in Rise will not appear in this game. However, I can’t say yet, but I hope you will keep an eye out for future announcements.

What criteria were used to select the monsters that appear?

A: It’s a game where you enjoy raising monsters as a rider, so my first thought was “increase the number as much as possible”. Also, to answer the premise: “You can adventure with that monster and this monster!”, I also thought of the success of World instead of original monsters for this game. In addition, not only monsters that are strong in terms of popular games, but also taking into account whether they are easy to obtain from the beginning and the balance of attributes.