Capcom explains why they were encouraged to develop Monster Hunter Stories 2

Many of you are probably wondering why we are now getting Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Nintendo Switch, years after the release of the first game on Nintendo 3DS. Well, Capcom have explained what this is all about.

In a recent meeting with Gamer, they have detailed the return of the series. We leave you with the statements:

Although it was released in 2016, there have been various developments after the release, such as the development of title updates for anime and previous work, and the development of the mobile version, and we received a lot of feedback from users of the previous work. In the meantime, we also wanted to make a sequel. However, when making “2”, we conducted various checks and examinations, including graphics, to determine what kind of game to make for those who played the previous title and those who may play “2” for the first time. As a result, I think we have made a very satisfying sequel.

The genre of Stories is RPG, i.e. “Monster Hunter” but not focused on action. Those who are playing “Monster Hunter” can enjoy the RPG with that world view, and those who like RPG should definitely play it.

Besides, “Monster Hunter” is a very popular title for monster characters. This time you can have a monster as a companion, so I think you’ll be more attached to it than ever. This is from the first game, but it’s not from the “Monster Hunter” action series, but a series that I want to grow as a new pillar.