Animal Crossing fan bursts into tears after Buh’s gesture at his pet’s grave

From Reddit comes an emotional video related to one of the most prominent video games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue. We’re talking again about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

This time we see that the game continues to move players with its possibilities. Specifically, in the short film we can see how the special character Buh approaches the grave of one of the player’s pets and stops for a few moments there. This is an area he had created to remember his pet, and the fact that Buh approached and stopped in front of it made him end up with his eyes drenched in tears.

Although the character undoubtedly did it unintentionally, the scene is really so emotional that it is easy to understand why he burst into tears. Here it is:

Buh literally paid his respects to my pet tribute graves. (One of whom has passed away very, very recently)… When I tell you I burst into tears… thank you Buh. ♥