Animal Crossing and Minecraft mix in Hokko Life and fans want to see it on Nintendo Switch

Hokko Life seems to have caught the attention of Nintendo Switch fans. It’s an indie title that so far hasn’t been confirmed for the hybrid console but has already made many fans want to see it in the catalogue.

For now we know that the game offers a rather curious mix of Animal Crossing and Minecraft, judging by its official description. You can find the premise and trailer for the title below:

Hokko Life is a community simulation game packed with creativity.

Hop off the train in the village of Hokko and settle into your new home!

This sleepy village needs your help to become a charming rural town that will delight everyone. With hammer in one hand and paints in the other, it’s up to you to design, build and decorate houses for all your new friends!

Get inspired!

Get to work in the dusty old workshop and let your imagination run wild!

Make materials and combine them as you like to create new furniture and other wonderful objects for your village – pick flowers, mix paints and use them to design wallpapers, floors and even clothes!

Will you be designing an urban-industrial style furniture collection or perhaps a colourful, flowery wallpaper set? With the whole workshop at your disposal, you will have total freedom to design a village that your inhabitants will love.