Among Us receives update 2021.6.15: all the new features and trailer

A new update is now available for this Nintendo Switch game. It’s a patch that the developers have officially confirmed for the console recently.

Specifically, this version 2021.6.15 of Among Us includes a complete overhaul of the art style, larger lobby sizes with support for up to 15 players and more frequent and transparent status updates. Here’s what’s new:

  • A complete revamp of the art style! Puffballs has completely updated the art style with cleaner lines and a simpler animation process – I can’t wait for you to see it soon!
  • Larger lobby so you can play with up to 15 players. Considering the size of The Airship, we hope it will be a fun way to get together with even more friends.
    More frequent and transparent updates from us. One of our big goals is to show the development process, what goes on behind the scenes and how it grows with us. We’ve learned a lot and we don’t want to hide anything from you when it comes to development – it’s rare!