All about Nintendo’s new lawsuit against ROM website: $2.1 million fine and more

Nintendo seems to keep winning legal cases against pirate media. That’s what we learned today after a lawsuit launched by the company in September 2019.

This targeted the illegal game download website RomUniverse, which facilitated the mass online copyright infringement of many Nintendo titles and similarly profited from the sale of paid premium accounts, with no limit on the number of games users could download from there. Now Nintendo has won this legal case after originally filing the lawsuit.

While the site’s manager, Matthew Storman, claimed at the time that the website did not break any laws and had never uploaded any illegal content, the site was shut down and last week US District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall ruled that it should pay Nintendo $2.1 million in damages for the unauthorised use of its content, far less than the $15 million Nintendo was asking for.

However, Nintendo has considered this fine of more than 2 million to be sufficient. Finally, it is shared that Storman has not received a permanent injunction because Nintendo has not been able to prove that it has suffered “irreparable harm”. Nevertheless, the shutdown of the site and the fine seem to have been enough for Nintendo for now.