5 features we need in a major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released last year to great success, exceeding all expectations. Admittedly, this was not only due to its quality as a social simulation game, but also due to the fact that the pandemic quarantine meant that many people had more time to spend on the game.

However, although Nintendo promised to support New Horizons for two years, there hasn’t been a major update to the game since the summer of 2020, when swimming and diving were introduced. Of course, there have been plenty of holiday updates, and while these events were, for the most part, fun the first time around, players were disappointed to see that they will apparently be the same this year.

For this reason, many players feel that a major update to New Horizons is desperately needed, one that adds enough content to get many of those who have put it on the back burner to return. Well, today we’re going to talk about some of the most important updates that should be made to Animal Crossing: New Horizons and they are as follows:

  1. A shopping cart: The Handy Sisters shop needs a shopping cart. Currently, in order for players to buy more than one item, they have to go in and out of the fitting room each time. When there are several colours of items that players want to buy, this process can take a long time. With a shopping cart, players could select several items to buy all at once. A similar mechanic would be fine for the purchase of Nook Miles tickets, especially when players want to go hunting for villagers. Having to buy a ticket each time and going through the selection menu for each purchase is too time-consuming.
  2. Figaro and his coffee shop: In other Animal Crossing games, Figaro’s coffee shop, the Alpiste, was the place where Totakeke performed, and where players could enjoy a cup of coffee. Nintendo should either bring the café back into the museum, as it used to be, or create a completely separate café building that players could have on their islands.
  3. New Leaf’s Tortimer-like island: This could be an island that players could go to, potentially with friends, to play mini-games or explore new shops. The lack of places to go to is very noticeable in New Horizons, so such an addition would be more than welcome.
  4. New shops and expansions: For example for characters like Betunio or Tili. They could also expand the museum with new fish, critters, art and fossils to collect. On the other hand, Mini Nook should also receive new expansions.
  5. Gameplay updates: Like farming or providing entirely new activities with villagers, such as hide-and-seek and other mini-games. In general, there needs to be more interactions with villagers: more requests, as well as bugs and fish, and visits to players’ houses.