The Pokémon that fans are missing most in New Pokémon Snap

As you know, New Pokémon Snap currently has 214 Pokémon included. As you can imagine, there are some species that have been left out that fans are missing.

However, you may be wondering which absences have been the most repeated desires for possible additional content that includes more Pokémon. From ScreenRant, they point to the following prominent examples:

  • Raikou and Entei to accompany Suicune, both of which would fit perfectly well in the Volcano Zone and Ruins Zone respectively.
  • More Galar Pokémon, including the legendary Zacian and Zamazenta, which could have fit in perfectly with the forest and nightfall theme.
  • Corviknight as a bird Pokémon of Galar and one of the most beloved Pokémon of this type among fans and one that has appeared in most projects in the series since then.
  • Popular fan Pokémon such as Gyrados, Arcanine, and Mimikyu.