Tantei Bokumetsu and Harvest Moon: A Unique World get updated on Nintendo Switch

Two major Nintendo Switch titles have been updated on the hybrid console today. Now we bring you a small compilation of what’s new.

First up, Nippon Ichi Software has announced that the title has received a launch update, bringing it to version 1.0.1, which fixes a number of bugs. Here they are:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the game to become unplayable at random points.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some readings to be incorrect when transferring save data from the demo version.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from selecting “Load” at the game end screen.
  • Fixed several typos.

On the other hand, Harvest Moon: One World has been updated to version 1.0.2 for Nintendo Switch in Europe (this update was already available on 13 May in North America). We remind you of the important fixes and adjustments it includes:

  • Firstly, we have adjusted the speed at which time moves, along with minor adjustments to the flow of some actions; this should allow players to concentrate even more on their days, although cooking will still be the centrepiece of pushing their daily schedule to the absolute limit of energy consumption.
  • Secondly, the life expectancy of animals has been extended and the range of their life expectancy has been reduced to allow each species to live to a more constant age. This will specifically affect new animals, both purchased and friendly. For farmers who prefer to take immediate advantage of these lifespan changes, the DocPad offers the option to release any barn animal or pet currently living on the farm.
  • The patch also contains numerous small text changes, including clarifying language for some items and quests.