Some of the most adorable photos from the New Pokémon Snap

As you all know, New Pokémon Snap is a photographic adventure game for Nintendo Switch inspired by the Nintendo 64 classic, where Professor Espejo invites us to explore the Lensis archipelago to observe and study more than 200 creatures in their wild habitat and, of course, photograph them. In the background is a mystery that we as the player must investigate: the Lúmini phenomenon, which causes plants and some Pokémon in these territories to have unique properties and even to glow.

In this title we have to keep our camera at the ready, because these Pokémon are not standing still and will disappear from sight in an instant. To avoid any distractions, the game takes us aboard a driverless vehicle, the NEO-ONE, to begin a safari with stops in scorching deserts, lush forests and other lush ecosystems either in the midday sun or on starry nights. Also, for those more elusive creatures, the Nintendo Switch title features a radar that allows you to track the environment, as well as different objects that can be used to provoke reactions from the wildlife and get a better photo.

Well, today we’re going to show you some of the most adorable photos players have taken so far. In particular we can see Pokémon such as Scorbunny, Espeon, Morelull, Pichu, Grookey and Sylveon. You can see them below: