Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid previews 2.5.0 update coming May 25

Today we learned that a new update is on its way to the Nintendo Switch game. It’s a patch that the developers are officially preparing for the console for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

Specifically, this version 2.5.0 of the game, which launches on 25 May, includes several fixes and tweaks aimed at improving the user experience on the hybrid console. You can check out the list of new features just below:

Major improvements

  • CPU AI has been drastically improved and a CPU difficulty setting has been added to the Settings menu.
    • CPU difficulty affects Arcade, Story and Versus (CPU) modes.
    • CPU AI now moves and behaves more naturally.
  • Lord Drakkon’s throne room (Story) and Command Centre (Story) are now selectable stages.

Presentation improvements

  • Improved camera effects in Throws, EX Attacks, Swap Strikes and Supers.
    Added visual effect and super dramatic pause to super activations (i.e. “pre-flash pause”).
  • Added slight character shake effect to character attacks (during hit pause).
  • BGM mode has been added to the Audio Settings menu, with options for Normal and Random (plays any BGM, regardless of the selected scenario).

Bug fixes

  • Inflicting a “super pause” against an incoming character no longer causes erratic behaviour. That is, performing it after knocking down a character no longer causes the next incoming character to ignore the pause.

Characters / Megazords

All characters