Pokémon merchandise: figurines, card sleeves, toys, new U-Treasure necklaces, iPhone cases and more

As you know, if there’s one country where Pokémon is a real craze, it’s Japan. Proof of this is the brutal amount of merchandise that can be found from this successful franchise.

Today we bring you one more example of this, as several new items have been shared. Here they are:

  • New collection of Pikachu figures from Bandai Kids for the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon.
  • New Pokémon card box with Eevee design revealed in Japan.
  • New Eevee figure released by Mataro Doll, a Japanese company that manufactures dolls following the traditional Japanese style. They are made by pre-order and cost ¥13,000 (€97).
  • Images of Pokémon toys in McDonald’s restaurants in Japan.
  • Dragon Battle Pokémon card sleeves announced in Japan. They will be given away to 100 winners by raffle.
  • New Pokémon product collection focusing on Eevee and its evolutions announced in Japan.
  • New Pokémon collaboration with accessory brand Kamio announced in Japan.
  • New U-Treasure Gengar, Ditto and Pikachu necklaces announced in Japan.
  • New iPhone cases for 12 Pro to 6 models on sale in Japan.
  • Premium Bandai has revealed a new Morpeko PC cushion, featuring the two forms of the “Angry” Pokemon sitting with an adorable plush keyboard. Each of the two plushies measures around 52cm by 47cm by 21cm, and will go on sale in August 2021.