Nintendo Switch surpasses 500 million handheld consoles sold: platform breakdown and more

As you may recall, just yesterday we were able to see updated Nintendo Switch sales data. Thanks to this, it has now been confirmed that Nintendo has hit a new sales milestone.

According to what has been shared, Nintendo has now surpassed 500 million handheld consoles sold so far. This can be seen by adding up all the handheld platforms it has released from Game Boy to Nintendo Switch.

This is the sum, where Nintendo Switch is included as a portable console:

  • Game Boy / Game Boy Pocket / Game Boy Color = 118.69 million
  • Game Boy Advance / Game Boy Micro = 81.51 million
  • Nintendo DS / DSi = 154.02 million
  • Nintendo 3DS / New 3DS = 75,94 million
  • Nintendo Switch / Switch Lite = 84,59 million
  • Total = 514.75 million

As you can see, the figure is impressive. By way of comparison, we leave you with these other figures:

  • Total Nintendo home console sales (including Switch): 365 million
  • Total PlayStation home console sales: 461 million