Nintendo president says they are not charting their future based on popular technologies in the industry

Here we get interesting statements again from Fast Company. These have been shared in a recent interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa and Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser.

The last of the prominent topics they discussed focuses on the new technologies invading the gaming market as well and how Nintendo can leverage them to expand its IPs and business in general. When asked about these industry developments, Furukawa mentioned the following:

We don’t plot our future around virtual reality or augmented reality or some other form of technology that will really become popular in the industry. It’s more about what technology we can use to really provide gamers and consumers with a new and never-before-seen experience.

Alongside this, he has also spoken out about Nintendo’s role in the mobile gaming market:

We have also found, as we expected, that our mobile experiences are encouraging people to buy our Nintendo Switch hardware and software.