New Pokémon Snap players surprised by title’s final matchup

New Pokémon Snap players are already advancing in the adventure and some of them are reaching the end. Following this, a shared reaction about one of the last encounters present in the game has been spread on the Internet.

Before leaving you with the information, we must emphasize that these details belong to the final part of the game, specifically with the final encounter, so it could be considered as spoiler by some players.

Many fans expected that the final challenge of the game would come starring Mew as in the original title, the truth is that it has not been so. The final legendary boss is Xerneas, one of the legendary Pokémon of the sixth generation.

Many fans were surprised to see him, although it actually makes sense that he would appear, as the “enlightenment” theme is very present in New Pokémon Snap and Xerneas has always been associated with light. Furthermore, its likeness is also depicted as a tree in the game, as we should remember that its entry in the Pokédex states that it “slept for a thousand years in the form of a tree before its rebirth.”