Martita, one of the unique neighbours in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The Animal Crossing saga and its latest instalment for Nintendo Switch, New Horizons, presents us with a large number of characters to choose from to become part of the community of neighbours on our island.

Each of these neighbours has their own nature, way of being, sayings… so it is advisable to get to know them well before inviting them to live with us. One of these neighbours is Martita, who is based on a duck and has a ‘Normal’ personality type, the most common in the video game for the hybrid console.

Her gentle, calm and kind character can contrast perfectly with others whose personality is a little more rude or conceited, although Martita, if she fails in anything, it is undoubtedly in her low self-esteem and that overall she fails to achieve the great popularity that many other characters may have.

If we go into her own characteristics, we can see that they make her one of the most interesting characters:

  • Physically she is not one of the most popular neighbours, others with the same personality as her, such as Feli or Meralda, are much more popular.
  • However, her bitter olive green colour with big pink cheeks, together with brown hair and pearl black eyes make her a really adorable neighbour.
  • The same goes for her outfit: a blue dress, with a red and white striped T-shirt underneath.
  • For those who don’t know, Deena’s personal goal is to become an illustrator, which is at odds with her home décor, which in New
  • Horizons is musically themed with a grand piano, cello and marimba.
  • However, the design of her original home focused heavily on training equipment and gave it an almost athletic neighbourly appearance.
  • Her theme was changed in New Leaf and now also in New Horizons, suggesting that this neighbour’s tastes have changed. This is really rare in Animal Crossing.