Japanese player manages to legally obtain all shiny Pokémon that can be obtained today

Vari-colored Pokémon (also known as shiny) are relatively difficult to find in different video games. These Pokémon are very popular either to compete with them or simply to collect them, due to their uniqueness.

Well, this time we bring you a very curious news related to them and that shows us the determination and tenacity of some fans of the franchise to achieve their goals. It turns out that a Japanese player has managed to legally obtain the 1,312 shiny Pokémon that can be obtained today. This is the Twitter user @kyudan_pokemon who has not hesitated to share his milestone through this social network.

You can see it below:

As you may have noticed, he goes through his Pokémon HOME collection to show off the achievement, which must have taken him many, many hours across different generations of games and consoles. This feat has impressed many fans and even Junichi Masuda himself. You can watch it below: