Here’s how you can use the Joy-Con to remotely take pictures with your smartphone

The Joy-Con are completely unique controllers, which revolutionized the gaming industry since their introduction as Nintendo Switch controllers, including an innovative design with a variety of integrated technologies.

Well, a new way to use the Joy-Con, which has nothing to do with the hybrid console and can become really useful, has recently been discovered. By connecting a Joy-Con to your Android smartphone or cell phone via Bluetooth, if you open the Camera app and press a button it will take a picture remotely, without the need to touch the mobile. This can come in handy when we want to take a group photo and we are away from the device, for example.

If you want to see how it works, you can take a look at the video posted by the user Byotan on Reddit about it, which has already garnered a lot of positive votes and that we leave you below: