Gamescom 2021 will finally be a digital-only event open to everyone

Interesting news related to Gamescom 2021, one of the most important video game events of the year in which Nintendo usually participates. The information has been shared today by those responsible for the event.

According to what we have learned, Gamescom 2021 will no longer be a hybrid event that mixes physical and online formats, as originally intended. Apparently, the pandemic situation has made the organizers rectify and it will be completely digital again this year.

They add that they know that participating companies are not prepared for a hybrid event as originally planned and hope that in 2022 they will be able to carry out these celebrations both in person and digitally. We leave you with the shared message:

The German Games Industry Association has decided to hold Gamescom 2021 as a fully digital event. This decision was made after extensive discussions with partners and exhibitors. In this way, the organizers take into account the current situation, where too many companies are unable to participate in this year’s physical events due to the still difficult development. In this way, they also meet the strong need of partners for security planning. This means that Gamescom 2021 will be held exclusively digitally and free of charge for all Gamescom fans.