Exploit found in the latest Nintendo Switch update

As you well know, Nintendo Switch updates usually include bug fixes present in the console. However, sometimes they also introduce other problems, as has happened in the latest version of the platform.

As we have learned, since version 12.0 of Nintendo Switch there is an exploit related to the screenshot transfer function. Recall that this feature was included in a relatively recent version, and now seems to have led to this problem.

This exploit is still present in the latest version of the console, version 12.0.1, and allows the use of proprietary JavaScript codes on any device that connects to a Switch using the screenshot transfer function. However, it has been confirmed that this code cannot be executed without leaving a footprint on the console, so it cannot be used to hack the console.

Nintendo has already been alerted to this bug, so it is expected to be fixed soon through a new update. We will be watching to see when it is released.