Bloomberg: Nintendo Switch Pro announced ahead of E3 2021, production starts in July and more

Just a few minutes ago we received information related to a new rumour with details coming from Emily Rogers that pointed to an imminent announcement of the new Nintendo Switch model along with a new 2D Metroid. Well, minutes later, more content related to this supposed Switch Pro has been added.

In this case the information comes from Bloomberg, where they have shared details related to this rumoured model in the past. This time, they claim that Nintendo plans to start manufacturing its new Nintendo Switch model from July with the aim of launching the updated model between September and October this year.

They add that the announcement of the revision would be made ahead of E3 2021, which starts this June 12. They point out that the reveal could happen even before the event and the aim would be to present the full range of games for the new model. Alongside this, they state that Nintendo plans to sell this new, more expensive model while continuing to distribute the original model and Switch Lite, although the original model would eventually be taken off the market and replaced by the new one.

Finally, it is shared that its trade name is only known to a select group of people within the Kyoto-based company and that production of the revision will peak in the October to December quarter despite the shortage of materials in the market, something that would already be anticipated by Nintendo. At this stage they cannot share the final price of this new model, but suppliers expect an increase in their per-unit revenue over Nintendo’s business and their production lines would now be better prepared for possible component and part changes for Nintendo, subject to less competition than those of competing consoles.