Whose house is this in the images of the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons update? 5 feasible theories

As you may recall, earlier this afternoon we learned of the announcement of a new free update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons with lots of content. However, there is one detail that fans have not overlooked: in the image of the children’s day, a neighbour’s house appears that does not currently exist in the game.

This design does not correspond to the house of any of the neighbours currently available in the title, which is why these options are being considered:

  • New neighbours on the way? Either as normal neighbours or via amiibo cards?
  • Fran’s house? Maybe he can be invited to the new May Day event?
  • Another collaboration with previous amiibo cards coming back? Maybe like it was done with the Sanrio neighbours and it looks a lot like the previous Link wolf house:

Existing changes in neighbours’ houses currently available? It is unknown why this should be done, as everyone has their own defined house.
A simple mistake? The house would not exist in the game and has only been shown in that development image, which would spark fury among fans like the mythical white picket fence that was never released.