The 5 strangest but most interesting characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons named

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that includes characters with all kinds of personalities, both neighbours and special characters. Well, ScreenRant wanted to name 5 characters with the most interesting personalities.

These are those neighbours and special characters who, because of their traits, are interesting bets for those players who want to go a step further in the title. They are the following:

  • Bronco, where the cabin-like appearance of his house, some peculiar phrases that point to conspiracy themes (like for example when he wonders if we are really all living on an island) and finally his adorable smile despite the fact that he is a neighbour with a grumpy personality come together.
  • Rosi stands out because of her apple theme, something that fits perfectly with her lively and cheerful personality, aspiring to be a pop star. In fact, they say that Rosi perfectly embodies this type of personality, usually known as peppy. Her facial expression also helps to make everything she says sound really interesting and exciting.
  • Herminia is known for her love of surfing, something that has not been seen among other characters. Although her design is not very complex, the fact that she is associated with surfing and her sisterly personality make her one of the most interesting neighbours to live with in New Horizons.

From ScreenRant they finish this list with the special character Kamilo and his strange passion for bugs (which we see reflected in the strangest phrases) and finally with the player himself, who is shown as a simple spectator of everything with his role, which is between the mayor, the city planner and the deity of the island.