Pokémon GO: New Pokémon Snap collaboration event leaks, more content on the way

It seems that Pokémon GO dataminers continue to dive deep into the game’s code. Today we learned some interesting details that are on the way.

Firstly, a New Pokémon Snap collaboration event has been leaked, which will celebrate the launch of the title scheduled for later this month on Nintendo Switch. The aim will be to take snaps of Hoothoot, Geodude, Sandshrew, Cacnea, Lotad, Metapod, Aipom, Luvdisc, Chinchou, Finneon, Skarmory, Dodrio and Mantine based on the Pokémon’s type. In addition, it looks like there will be a task focused on capturing Trubbish for Sustainability Week and a new collection challenge on Friendship Day.

On the other hand, these files have also been leaked:

Lopunny Clothing:

Chansey family with flower crowns and Mega Lopunny statistics: