How were the Pokémon featured in New Pokémon Snap chosen? Its director explains

As you know, New Pokémon Snap doesn’t include all the Pokémon that exist, only about 200 of the nearly 1,000 that exist. Why were these chosen? The game’s director, Haruki Suzaki, recently shared this with Game Informer.

According to the creative, this is a very difficult decision, although they focused mainly on the habitats present in the game. “The selection of Pokémon was really difficult,” he says. “My vision was to create a world where you can really imagine wild Pokémon thriving in their natural habitats and ecosystems.

“At first, we thought of natural Pokémon habitats and fascinating landscapes and climates to investigate,” adds the director. “Then we narrowed down our choices by balancing how different Pokémon would live in these habitats and their relationships within each environment. As a result, there are over 200 Pokémon, rich in variety, featured in this game.”