Here are the 4 keys to using the Scan function in New Pokemon Snap

The scanning function is one of the most important features in New Pokemon Snap. To get you ready for its release on Nintendo Switch, here’s everything we know about it.

This feature is necessary to become a professional photographer, so don’t hesitate to take notes to complete the Fotodex. We leave you with the tips offered by Dexerto so far:

  • The mechanics of the game consist of going through a route in the Neo One travel capsule seeing wild Pokémon that we can photograph with the camera so that, at the end of the route, the teacher gives us a score based on factors such as direction, position and size.
  • The scanning function allows us to inspect the terrain and get more information about a particular Pokémon, including details such as name and gender. This is important because the teacher will give us more points the rarer a Pokémon is.
  • This is useful because it allows us to find out where some Pokémon are hidden among rocks or grass. You can also make them show a unique pose to receive more points in the rating.
  • Alongside this, with the scanning function we can also discover new paths that may go unnoticed and are likely to be full of rare Pokémon, both day and night.