Cotton Reboot confirms arrival of new characters in early May

Just yesterday we got some exciting news for Cotton fans with the announcement of Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute for Nintendo Switch. Well, now we have more good news.

According to what was shared, a free update is on its way to the original Cotton Reboot. It includes new playable characters: Appli Pumpkin and her talking hat Needle, who first debuted in the classic Cotton 2.

According to what was shared, “Appli has powerful shots and fast movement and has rebalanced her difficulty from her first appearance in Cotton 2”. As for Needle, it appears to be “more difficult” with “high speed rapid fire”. These are expected to be available in early May along with some improved graphics and bug fixes.

Remember that Cotton Reboot is available for Nintendo Switch in Japan and we’ll be getting it in the West later this year, with no specific date yet.