Chewtle, Sizzlipede and Clobbopus are the new Galar Pokémon that have confirmed official plushes

More Galar Pokémon are being made into official plushies! This was recently confirmed by The Pokémon Company on their official website.

It officially announced the plushies of Chewtle, Sizzlipede, and Clobbopus, three popular Galar Pokémon. According to what was shared, they will be available at Pokémon Center shops in Japan starting this May 1st for 1,815 yen each (about 14 euros).

It is currently unknown if they will be offered on international shipping platforms such as Amazon Japan, which is quite likely considering what has happened with previous releases of this kind of products. We’ll stay tuned.

In the meantime, here you can see the plushies in detail: