The Pokémon Company confirms that Ditto has this unique attack animation in Sword and Shield.

As we all know, The Pokémon Company likes to add little details even if they know that casual players will never notice them. In Pokémon Sword and Shield, one such detail was believed to be the cause of a bug or glitch in the game.

When Ditto uses its Transformation attack, it transforms to look like an opposing Pokémon’s moves. If Ditto transforms into a Pokémon with a signature move, in this case Dragapult: Dracoflechas, you will not see the same animation. Dragapult, in the move, lashes the Dreepy attached to it but when a Ditto uses it, only a lightning bolt comes out. Many people thought it was some kind of glitch but everyone was surprised when The Pokémon Company revealed that it’s totally on purpose.

Example tweet:

The reason for this is because what Ditto does in this case is to transform into the rival Pokémon but remember that the attack is characterised by throwing 2 Dreepy which Ditto cannot transform into as it is another Pokémon. Ditto creates energy that simulates the Dreepy to do the same damage.

A lot of people complained about the animations of this generation but I think it’s these tiny details that give these games their magic.