Nook Points now available for Animal Crossing: New Horizons: steps to get them, Katrina and all the rewards

Good news for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players. Apparently, the new currency known as Nook Points is now available for the game.

Remember that these are points that can be earned within the NookLink app located within the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. This feature was added in version 1.9 of the game and now, as of 30 March, the app allows us to collect points for rewards.

Here’s how you can earn these points every day:

Open the Nintendo Switch Online app and access the NookLink service.

Tap the Nook Points icon within this service to earn at least 10 Nook Points. Sometimes there are bonuses of x2 or x3 Points so you can get 20 or 30 Points on those days.

After a few minutes, the reward is attached to the server.
We can also see Katrina giving words of wisdom within the Nook Points interface.

We remind you of the confirmed rewards and the number of points needed to redeem them:

Aloha Carry Case - 60 Nook Points

Cinnamon Photo - 100 Nook Points

Nook Inc. door plate - 40 Nook Points

Nook Inc. poster - 10 Nook Points

Photo by Tendo and Nendo - 100 Nook Points

Photo of Tom Nook - 100 Nook Points