Sonic screenwriter talks about his love-hate relationship with Sonic fans

You may recall that just a few days ago we learned that Ken Pontac, Sonic game writer in the past, decided to officially retire from SEGA. Well, today we get some feedback on that decision.

In a recent interview with RebelTaxi, Pontac spoke about the love-hate relationship that was established with fans when he was in this scriptwriting position at the company. Here are his words:

You know, I love my fans, all of them, except the ones who just hate me for silly reasons… They don’t understand how the world works, how things work and it’s a bit childish… Anyone who is part of this group definitely ruins the experience for any Sonic fan who wanted to see a Sonic presentation at any event they went to subsequently or in the future, as it’s something I’m not going to do anymore.

To this, he adds that SEGA always told him not to interact with these annoying fans and not to respond to them.