DOOM Eternal’s second DLC part has been rated in Australia

Following the arrival of DOOM (2016), DOOM (1993), DOOM II and DOOM 3 and DOOM 64 on the hybrid console last December comes DOOM Eternal. This title was originally released on 20 March 2020 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and was also scheduled for that date on Switch, but unfortunately it was delayed by almost 9 months, but only digitally.

It’s the direct sequel to the award-winning DOOM (2016) developed by id Software and distributed by Bethesda Softworks, which aims to deliver the best combination of speed and firepower, taking a leap forward in the world of fast-paced first-person shooter combat. However, responsible for the Switch port is Panic Button, an Austin, Texas-based US game developer founded in 2007 that has become very popular with the Nintendo audience thanks to its ports of AAA games from other platforms to Nintendo Switch, some of the most popular being DOOM and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Well, there’s news on that front as last week the Australian Classification Board rated The Ancient Gods, Part 2. What’s curious is that Switch fans have been waiting for the arrival of the first part of “The Ancient Gods” DLC for a while now. However, it’s worth remembering that it was previously revealed in an official FAQ that the first part would be coming to Nintendo’s version at a “later date”, but since then there has been no further information.

Considering that a 50-minute Nintendo Direct will be held today and it was announced that it will focus on available and unannounced games for the first half of 2021, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that this could be the perfect time to announce the release date for DOOM Eternal’s first part of DLC on Switch (or even both). As a reminder, in the first part of this expansion Doom Slayer will face an ancient evil that has awakened and unbalanced the heavenly realms, and players will be able to enjoy never-before-seen locations and face all sorts of demons as they discover this chapter of the story.