Pokémon Sword and Shield players shocked as they reflect on this shiny fact

It is common knowledge that Pokémon of various colours are some of the most sought-after by players of the franchise. It is precisely for this reason that a reflection on these shiny variants has recently gone viral.

The overall appearance rate is 1 in 4096 Pokémon, which is certainly a low percentage. However, if we reflect on how the game in question, such as Pokémon Sword and Shield, is programmed, there is one piece of information that might catch our attention.

This was recently highlighted on Twitter by Joe Merrick of Serebii, and reads as follows: “Remember, all of a Pokémon’s stats, including IVs, gender, shiny or not, etc., are determined when they appear in the world.

Here’s the tweet, which has already gone viral:

Well, we’re basically coming across countless colourful Pokémon as we ride our bikes. However, it is not until they appear in the world in our view that it is determined whether or not we have been lucky with the specimen we have encountered.