Pokémon GO now contains Mega Ampharos statistics

Recently the official website of Pokémon GO for China stated that Mega Ampharos would arrive on January 19th to the successful app of augmented reality for mobile devices, and although the arrival of the Pokémon has not been confirmed, it seems more and more probable.

The Pokémon GO community has discovered that the title has been updated with new data about Mega Ampharos, confirming that it will have the following statistics:

  • PS: 207
  • Attack: 294
  • Defense: 203
  • Type: Electric/Dragon
  • Mega Evolution: 200 Mega Energy the first time, 40 the next.

There is no official date yet, but the data miners are pretty sure that Mega Ampharos will be added to Pokémon GO this month, probably on January 19th to appear in the Mega Raids along with Mega Venusaur and Mega Houndoom.