Netflix’S New Sonic The Hedgehog Series Will Reportedly Not Be Based On The Idw Comic

A few weeks ago, Netflix accidentally revealed they were working on a new Sonic The Hedgehog animated series in a now-removed Twitter post.

Since then, there have been no official updates from Netflix or SEGA about the upcoming series, which is apparently scheduled to premier in 2022.

However, some new information has surfaced hinting that, at the very least, it will not be based on the popular IDW Sonic comic series.

This information comes via Ian Flynn, one of the writers on IDW’s Sonic series. During a recent Bumblekast Q&A session, the topic of Sonic’s Netflix series was brought up, where Flynn commented that it was “not based on the IDW comics”.

Although a fairly minor detail, it does imply that the new Sonic series may likely have an original story like most of the other adaptations that have come before it.

Via: NintendoSoup