Pokémon Masters EX: Samina and Iridium Units are coming!

The official website of Pokémon Masters EX has revealed the arrival of 2 new Units directly from the Alola region!

These two new Units will be the protagonists of a new event coming in mid-September.

The Units in question are Samina and Pheromosa and Iridium and Silvally.

These two Units, revealed later than Lylia and Clefairy, will be able to reach the 6 Star EX Class, officially available starting today, together with a very special EX Costume.

In fact, as we can see in the following images, Samina’s EX Costume is a clear reference to its fusion with Nihilego present in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Iridium’s Costume EX instead takes the colors of his trusty Silvally.

Also, it appears that Silvally owns the ROM Beetle, so you can expect Iridium and Silvally to be a Beetle Unit.

Instead, the Samina Unit type could be either the Beetle type or the Fight type, since Pheromosa owns both of these types.