Pokémon Masters EX: Here are the details of Blu and Leaf Costumax!

As we all know by now, Pokémon Masters is in its first anniversary period.

For this reason, the game has changed its name to Pokémon Masters EX.

One of them is the inclusion of Blu and Leaf in their Costumax version, which you can get now!

Let’s see together the details of these two new Units!

Details of Blu Costumax in Pokémon Masters EX

Blue Costumax and Blastoise are a 5-Star EX Water Type Unit, with the role of Helper and weakness to the Electro Type.

The Unit has very strong moves such as Water Pulse, with 56 of power that can confuse the target, and Water Pulse, with 178 of power but with only 90 of precision.

In addition, the two will benefit from two X-G Defense for each fight, which increases by two stages the Defense of all allies.

Finally, the Unit will be able to use “I’ll triumph!”, a state move that speeds up the filling of the move bar and increases the possibility to inflict nasty blows on your team.

Passive Skills, Typability and Unimposition

The Passive Skills of Blu Costumax and Blastoise are Uniresistance-G, Hyperffensive Reaction-G 9 and Enhancement-G 4.

The former allows all allies to resist a kill shot the first time this Unit uses a Unimosa.

The second allows you to increase the Attack or Special Attack of all Allies when Blastoise is hit by a simple move.

Finally, Enhancement-G 4 allows you to increase the Allies’ Special Defense when the Unit makes a move.

The Tipability of Blue Costumax and Blastoise is Water Aids, which increases the maximum PS of allies by 30 and can be activated by placing multiple Pokémon of the same Type in the team.

Finally let’s talk about the Unimossa: Hydrocannone beyond all limits. It is a Water Type move with 160 power that makes Blastoise megaevolve.

In addition, the move is stronger based on increases in the Defense of Pokémon.

Details of Leaf Costumax in Pokémon Masters EX

Let’s talk now about Leaf Costumax and Venusaur. It is a 5-Star EX Unit of Grass Type, weak to the Psychic Type and from the role of Technician.

The moves that this Unit has are Razor Leaf, with 51 power but with high possibility of bad shots, and Frenzy Plant, with 178 power but with 90 precision.

In addition, the Unit has two Potions per fight, so that it can cure the allies. Finally, Venusaur can also use “I will protect you!”, a state move that reduces the number of moves needed to use the Unimosaur by one (by two if used by Mega Venusaur).

It also allows allies to take care of themselves a bit every time a move is used.

Passive Skills, Typability and Unimposition

The Passive Skills of Leaf Costumax and Venusaur are Hyperavavelenimpatto 4, Impatto rompidifesa 9 and Uniaccelerazione 2.

The first one gives the possibility to hyperavelerate an opponent who is hit by a Venusaur move.

The second allows you to lower Defense or Special Defense of an opponent who has been hit by a Venusar move.

Finally, Uniacceleration 2 allows you to decrease by two the moves necessary to use the Unimplement if a Venusaur move. Obviously it works only once per fight.

Leaf Tipability Costumax and Venusaur is Grass-Type, which increases Attack and Special Attack by 12 when a Grass-Type move is used.

In addition, it increases the maximum PS of Allied Units by 12.

To activate Typability it is sufficient to have more Units of the same type in the team. Let’s talk, in conclusion, about the Unimplementation: Rooting for joy and daring.

This is a grass type move with 160 power that allows Venusaur to megaevolve.

In addition, the move becomes more powerful if the opponent is hyperventilated.