Pokemon Center HELLO PONYTA Plushies Up For Pre-Order

Big fan of Pokemon Sword/Shield art director James Turner?

Well, now you can grab some adorable plush recreations of his art!

The Pokemon Center HELLO PONYTA series of plushies can now be pre-ordered directly from the following Amazon Japan links below (while stocks last).

They should ship worldwide starting from 25 July 2020 onward, as long as the seller is “Amazon.co.jp”.

  • [eal asin=”B08C87C5C6″]Galarian Ponyta Plush[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C87Z1GG”]Ponyta Plush[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C87YKFS”]Eiscue Plush[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C87Y9VB”]Hattena Plush[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C87L9DD”]Galarian Ponyta Mascot[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C876F46″]Ponyta Mascot[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”
  • B08C86FN92
  • “]Eiscue Mascot[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08C885XK1″]Hattena Mascot[/eal]

If you’re still on the fence, you can also check out some preview images below!