Kirby Minimagination Town Plushies Announced, Now Up For Pre-Order

Need some fluffy Dreamland friends for your workstation? Here some adorable little tykes that you can consider!

Takara Tomy has revealed that Kirby will be joining its ‘Minimagination Town’ plush series – which features tiny dolls at around 5 cm in height. Three Kirby variants and Waddle Dee will be available, along with buildings and vehicles that Kirby/Waddle Dee can sit inside of!

The series will be launching in August 2020, but you can pre-order now them from the Amazon Japan links below (ships worldwide as long as the seller is

  • [eal asin=”B08BPR3D22″]Pink Kirby[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPR3GDX”]Blue Kirby[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPR91B7″]Yellow Kirby[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPRBBK3″]Waddle Dee[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPRJTBQ”]Cloud house[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPR4X4Q”]Whispy Woods[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPRMWZQ”]Maxim Tomato Car[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B08BPND5JH”]Warp Star[/eal]

Via: NintendoSoup