Pokemon Center Eiscue, Rookidee, Snom, and Hatenna Official Plushies Up For Pre-Order

Expanding your Pokemon plush toy party for the Galar region?

Now’s your chance to catch more of them!

The official Pokemon Center plushies for Eiscue (Ice Face), Rookidee, Snom, and Hatenna are now up for pre-order at the following Amazon Japan links below (while stocks last). They should ship worldwide starting on 20 June 2020, as long as the seller is “Amazon.co.jp”.

  • [eal asin=”B089QZFSN5″]Eiscue (Ice Face)[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B089QYJ8BK”]Rookidee[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B089QZ9LCQ”]Snom*[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B089QZCRXP”]Hatenna*[/eal]

*These plushies are not the same as Sanei Boeki’s All-Star Collection plushies for Snom and Hatenna, which are sewn and sized differently.

Via: NintendoSoup