Super Mario Maker 2 Player Creates Their Own ‘Lost Levels’ Inspired By Super Mario Bros. 3

Been itching for something as fresh as the original Super Mario Bros. 3? Well, thanks to the course-creator feature in Super Mario Maker 2 player, you can now experience a new side to the timeless classic on Switch!

As you can see below, one avid player of the game has created their very own ‘Lost Levels’ pack based on the SNES title. Essentially, the collection of fanmade levels re-imagines many of the original’s mechanics and bosses (i.e. the Koopalings) – for a total of over 32 stages that longtime fans will probably fall in love with all over again!

Check it out below, along with more details from the creator themselves:

“After many requests to breath new life into this full game project, now that world maps and super worlds are available in SMM2, here’s a finished complete version of SMB3: Lost Levels! Thanks to all who’ve showed interest and given support.

What is this?

SMB3: Lost Levels is a continuation of a personal project I started during the first Mario Maker. This game aims to capture the classic feel of the original Super Mario Bros. 3, upholding most of the same aesthetic feel and design rules. The goal is to give the player a pleasant and relaxing experience playing and hopefully give the impression of playing a new set of classic levels.

It has a very traditional/nostalgic focus. Best enjoyed taking your time, exploring alternate routes, discovering new secrets, etc.

The game will be a manageable 8×4 courses (some 5) the courses will be short and won’t have any checkpoints, just like the original. Difficulty will also be similar to that of SMB3.

How to play?

You can find the Super World by typing this code in the Course World section in SMM2:   FDF-VT6-KDF

Good luck! And thank you for trying out SMB3: Lost Levels!”

Will you be trying out these fantastic fan-made levels today?

Via: NintendoSoup