Rumor: Pokemon Gen 2 Source Code Leaks Show Scrapped And Beta Designs For Cyndaquil, Celebi, And More

A huge bomb was just dropped with not one but two new leaks on Pokemon Generation 2’s beta days.

Pokemon fans will have a field day as the latest leaks showcase numerous beta designs for Pokemon that we’ve known and loved for many years including Cyndaquil, Pichu and Celebi, as well as some additional scrapped Pokemon designs.

The first of these leaks are said to be from the source code of a Korean version of the 1997 Spaceworld demo, which contains numerous materials not seen in the one previously leaked two years ago.

Of special interest is a beta Cyndaquil design with spikes:

And another one sure to get people talking is the lost middle evolution of the Xatu line:

Possibly more interesting were some of these lost and scrapped Pokemon designs previously unseen:

As if that wasn’t enough, a second set of coloured Pokemon sprites were also leaked.

The second set of leaks , however, are purported to be from the 1999 version of the Spaceworld demo, implying that these designs were much closer to the final release.

Beta designs for a few Pokemon can still be seen from these leaks including Celebi, Wooper, Dunsparce, Azumarill, Aipom, Sunkern and even Pichu.

Check out the entire gallery for both sets of leaks here.

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Via: NintendoSoup, Neocities