Pokemon Tower Battle Receives Special Update And Third Season

Official Pokemon Facebook game Pokemon Tower Battle has received an update on April 21, 2020.

The update introduces season 3, new League Pokemon, and a couple of other improvements to the game.

Full details below:

Hi Everyone!

I hope that everyone is keeping as safe as possible in these challenging times.

We’ve got a very special update for you this week!

In addition to some polishes and bug fixes, we have some new additions to the game.

What’s new:

* Introducing new League Pokèmon.
* Players with respective leagues will be rewarded Emoji/Pokèball at the end of the season.
* Players who get Emoji as a reward will be able to access new emoji.
* Season 3 is now live.

Oh, wait! There’s one more thing.

How high a tower can you make?

We will soon find out! A special event starting soon!

Thank you for supporting us!

Happy gaming!

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Via: NintendoSoup