Pokemon Center Tag Battle Merchandise Featuring Zarude Up For Pre-Order

Pokemon fans can now grab the first ever line of merch featuring the new mythical Pokemon Zarude!

Most of the official ‘Pokemon Center Tag Battle With Pikachu‘ Merchandise can now be pre-ordered directly from the following Amazon Japan links below (while stocks last).

They should ship worldwide so long as the seller is stated as “Amazon.co.jp”.

  • [eal asin=”B086WRJQRS”]Hand towel[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WQWFQP”]Mini tote[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WRP4HH”]Acrylic key chain[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WRH67L”]Clear bottle[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WQ54XQ”]Ballpoint pen[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WQWXH3″]Jigsaw puzzle[/eal]
  • [eal asin=”B086WQMBDN”]Can badge[/eal]

Via: NintendoSoup