Kagawa Resident Imagines How The Nintendo Switch Will Impose The Play Time Restriction Limit

As you all know, Kagawa prefecture has passed a law that imposes a 1-hour playtime limit on all residents age 17 and below.

Although the law encourages parents to impose this limit on their children, companies such as Nintendo aren’t legally obliged to enforce them at this time.

That is why Twitter user poke105__ decided to envision how it’d be like if that day comes with a very convincing mockup:

“Error code: 2110-1110

Unable to connect to the Internet. Please double check your settings.

In accordance with the Kagawa Net / Game Addiction Provisions,  you cannot use the service for more than 1 hour.

It’ll become possible to play again from 7am to 10pm tomorrow. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

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Source: NintendoSoup