James Marsden Shares His Hopes For A Sonic Movie Sequel

As many of you may know, the Sonic Movie turned out to be a runaway success despite its initial struggles, to the point where a sequel is probably guaranteed.

According to Comicbook, Sonic’s co-star James Marsden shared a few of his own hopes for the sequel, including more action set pieces as well as new characters from the games.

“Well I think we’d do a lot more of the same, but we would probably hopefully throw even more set pieces in there and more action sequences.

I think we’d hopefully introduce some new characters, some beloved characters from the video game.

If you stayed through the credits, you saw a little introduction to Tails. Hoping we’d see Tails come in.

You know, who knows?

The good thing is, is that hopefully when we come back to earth after this thing and we’re still making movies, that Paramount will really fire it up again, and we’ll just have double the fun.”

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Source: NintendoSoup