StarFox gets a fan-made RPG spin-off for the Game-Boy

There’s really not much out there from the Big N when it comes to StarFox spin-offs.

We have StarFox Guard and StarFox Adventures, and that’s about it.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the franchise branch out with some other ideas?

Indie dev Suitntie22 thought so, which is why he set out to make StarFox: Grounded.

StarFox: Grounded is a JRPG-style Game Boy game that puts Falco in the lead role.

Check out official game details below, and hit up the link to give it a go yourself.

A Fan Game for the StarFox franchise where you get to experience an original adventure as the ace pilot Falco Lombardi!

After a simple retrieval mission goes wrong for the StarFox crew, They find themselves grounded and scattered across a mysterious planet.

Play as Falco trying to fix his ship and look for his crewmates as he fights against the mysterious assimilating robot species that are slowly taking over the planet.

Check out the game here

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Source: GoNintendo